SIGMA is a Music & Contents
production team of the Republic of
Korea that produces games /
animations, musical, documentary music
and contents.

Currently, it consists of Jungwoo
(Producer & Composer), Sunghoon
(Composer & Orchestrator),
Bongyol Lee(Composer & MIDI
Programmer), and Kyeongho Kim(Music
Jungwoo Yoo[Producer & Composer]
Film ‘Saiut D’Amor’ OST Producer
Film ‘Marriage Blue’ – Kim Feel ‘Sugar Sugar’ Producer

Kim Feel ‘Beautiful’ Producer
Lapis Lazuli ‘Never Don’t Stop’ Producer
SUS4 ‘ Shake it‘ ‘Pick Me Up’ Producer

Musical ‘Abraham‘ Producer, Composer & Arrangement
Seonghoon Park[Composition & Orchestration]
MBC Drama ‘Iljimae Comeback’ Composition & Arrangement
Film 'The Pot‘ Music Director, Composition
Chinese Film ‘Murder at Honeymoon Hotel‘
Composition & Arrangement
Film ‘Boy Story‘ Music Director, Composition

Film ‘Operation Chromite’ ‘Miracle in Cell No. 7’ ‘My Way’
‘Saiut D’Amor’ Orchestration
TV Drama ‘Iris‘ ‘Atena‘ Orchestration
Bongyol Lee[Composer & MIDI Programer]
TV Documentary
SBS <chimpanzees -Saying Human Being>,
<Violin of Heaven -Changhyun Jin>, <Pungtuigy-
Connection of People> composition & arrangenent

Documentary Drama <Traveler Sharpening a Sword
in Northern Manju Field-Jhajin Kim> composition
& arrangememt

MBC Non-Fiction Theater <Crime and Punishment>
BBS <Ilsimkyo>, <Tanhur>,<Mumunkwan> composition
& arrangement

YTN Documentary Drama <The Truth> composition &
arrangement for Main Title Music
Kyeongho Kim[Music Editor]
Dongbangshingy ‘Donbangshingy - Vacation‘
Music Director (SM Entertainment Production )

Film ‘Breath in Water’ Sound Mixing(2016)

SBS 'Mates' Music Director

SBS 'We want to know what happened'
Music Director

SBS rule of jungle ,W Music Director

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